Cats are only good for five things: communicating with alien beings through speaker systems, chasing ghosts around the house to instill fear in them, eating your food while you aren’t looking therefore keeping your diet on track, batting at annoying small dogs while also providing exercise for big dogs, and sneaking into small spaces to do undercover missions for the American government.

That’s probably why Bob-Bob, a 14-month old black cat, was able to make it past Port Columbus, Ohio airport security when Bob-Bob’s human, Ethel Maze, was on her way to the Happiest Place on Earth–Disneyworld.

People are speculating how the cat got into the suitcase and survived the 10-hour trip, but we know that’s because they aren’t aware of the Underground Feline Intelligence Coalition and their plans to implement surveillance outfitted robot cats into everyday life in order to take down the bad guys.

Maze told the Metro News that Bob-Bob pretended to be frightened when he got to the hotel room in Orlando, but eventually came out and “started licking us and purring.” Good ploy to trick the humans, Bob-Bob.

Eventually, while Momma Maze was riding the teacups, Bob-Bob snuck out to survey his target: Mickey Mouse. What UFIC has in store for the biggest mouse in the world is still up for debate, but Mickey better watch his back if he sees some Aristocats tailing him.


–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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