What Words Do You Hate?

Ever said the word “panties” around a young lady? What about the word “moist?” Did it feel gross in the mouth to say those words?

In a feature piece in the Huffington Post, the author talked about her hatred of “panties,” saying that there is some creeptacular undefined sexual connotations to the word. When a girl says it, it’s sort of okay.

Christina Hendricks, sexbomb that she is, loves the word. It’s girlie and naughty and vintage-y. But when an old man says it, well, he’s a character on SVU.

Which is totally unfair to that word. C’mon. It’s just a word folks.

Or is it? According to Ben Zimmer from Visual Thesaurus, people like to hate on lots of words, including, well, the word “hate,” “no,” “like,” and “impossible.”  These are just words with negative connotations, but what about words that are just gross to say like phlegm, smegma, and salve?

So, JACK FM, being the brilliant sociologists that were are, made a poll of some other hated, weird words. What’s your least favorite to say?

Are there any words we missed in the poll? Let us know in the comments!

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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