There are conspiracies that Google is trying to take over the world and, as evidenced from the pink UFOs that have been appearing on the street views of their Google Maps (which is creepy anyway, have you ever seen your car parked outside your place on the internet? It’s hella weird.)

CLICK HERE to see the map.

The supposed alien spacecrafts have appeared (so far) in Jacksonville, Texas and Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. From a news report done by KLTV in East Texas, people didn’t really seem that impressed that there was a  possible UFO hovering over their favorite fast-food joints.

One lady sincerely said, “It looks like a car in the sky.”  Astute observation. Keep observing and send those observations to JACK FM please.

There’s speculation that the “unidentified flying object” is just a reflection, lens flare, or camera flaw of some sort. Here at JACK FM, we believe anything is possible. Plus, it seems highly probable that some aliens were just looking to munch on some Big Macs.

Hello?! It’s a drive-thru; those golden arches are like one giant beacon for aliens on an interstellar roadtrip. And almost anyone will agree; McDonald’s french fries are out of this world.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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