Meanwhile In Southern California: Culver City Reveals 94-Foot-Tall Rainbow

As the Rolling Stones once said, “She’s A Rainbow” and somewhere over that rainbow lies Jack FM. The pot of gold is all we give a care about though. Can you blame us?

If you ever wondered what on Mars goes on in downtown Culver City, other than of course the omnipotent presence of the almighty dumpy little building, then this should intrigue you.

It is a magical place we are stationed in after all, would you expect anything less than rainbows and butterflies and…well fleas have made themselves comfortable at times as well but we can just fuggeda bout that. Unfortunately our dumpy little building was not responsible for this magical eye candy, but another entertainment studio infact was.

According to the LA Times, today, Sony Pictures Entertainment installed a $1.6-million rainbow. Multimedia artist Tony Tasset installed the rainbow in honor of The Wizard Of Oz. Mayor Andy Weissman said “We hope it captures imaginations and people want to come see it.” As the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City was the home to the filming of The Wizard Of Oz, the symbolic commemoration can be seen from the surrounding Baldwin Hills as it towers over the fencing of Sony Studios.

Well ain’t that something. You best not think you’re coming to see this rainbow without delivering your greetings to Jack FM and the Sticker Pimps first.

And scene.

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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