Playboy Magazine Lists Their Top 10 Party Schools

These days, the fact that you even went to college is enough to impress prospective employers. They don’t have to know you spent most of your nights macking on co-eds at the college bar down the street instead of studying for your post-modernist Scandinavian cinema class final.

In the grand scope of things, your sociability in the world is a far better indicator of your success than what you remember from sociology class. That’s why we find this list of the top 10 party schools in the country–brought to us by Playboy--to be very educational.

1. University of Virginia
2. University of Southern California
3. University of Florida
4. University of Texas
5. University of Wisconsin
6. University of Georgia
7. Vanderbilt
8. Tulane
9. Texas Christian
10. Ohio State

Notice something? There are no snobby East Coast schools on this list. Texas and schools from the South win hands down. And of course our own party school, USC, which not only encourages hardcore scholastics but makes sure that their graduates have a party crew on hand for life!

Do you think Playboy missed a school you had fun partying at? Tell them off in the comments below.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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