Groom-To-Be Busts A Bladder After Lap Dance, Sues Strip Club

In what could possibly be the most expensive (and painful) bachelor party  in Pennsylvania, a groom-to-be took his pre-requisite trip to a strip club before taking much more permanent-ish trip down the aisle.

While these sort of things usually lead to bank accounts being bled dry, never-ending guilt, and blackmail-worthy digital camera pics, Patrick Gallagher walked away from the situation with a busted bladder reports US News.

The poor gentleman, just doing his societal duty by letting his married friends live vicariously through him at his stag fest, was invited to lie down on stage at the Penthouse Club in Port Richmond, PA.

Apparently, the stripper we shall call Goldie climbed up the pole and “launched herself down” onto Gallagher’s abdomen said his attorney.

Because of this daring move, Gallagher suffered severe pain and subsequently went to the emergency room to find that he had internal bleeding and ruptured bladder. Gallagher is suing the oft-sued Penthouse Club for enough money for medical costs, about $50,000, and his “mental anguish.”

This is just a guess, but this might be the first time a stripper told someone to lay down and the ending wasn’t happy.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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