Meanwhile In Southern California: Laguna Beach Ruins The Fun For Skateboarders

Well look what we have here. First Cindy Whitehead skating through the closed-off 405 freeway gets buzzworthy attention. Then the Bake and Destroy skateboarding riot of 2012, and finally someone felt the need to bust the kick, push, coasters that are just making their merry way from point A to point B.

One might make a point that skaters cause disruption, and terror to the streets, don’t we all though? What about hobos? They should be wearing helmets.

Possibly the City Council was so admirable of these free skateboarders that they felt the need to regulate their every move?

As the State law requires helmets for skaters under 18, the following ordinance to be set in place will be aimed at skaters of all ages. According to CBS LA, the City Council voted Tuesday to pass an ordinance that would allow the 5-0 to remove skater’s boards from their possession, if caught without a helmet. Really guys?!

If caught for the first time, one would be penalized with the removal of their wheels for a week. Hopefully not Bones because those are damn expensive.

Second time offenders would be given the same penalty, but for a month instead. Man you’re going to look REAL COOL wearing a helmet while skateboarding.

The measure passed the City Council with an apparent 4-1 vote. Councilman Kelly Boyd, the 1 in the 4-1 vote felt that the ordinance would cause police to be babysitters of these fully capable street shredders. She can hang.

Skate and destroy.

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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