Whoooooo is feeling a little creeped out? Not 20-year old University of Sydney insomniac student Meredith Eriksson a/k/a “Susan” who put an ad out for an owl to watch over her. Or not a legitimate owl, an actor dressed as an owl to watch her sleep.

Generally, girls think it’s totally creepy when guys watch them when they sleep (note to men: don’t tell a girl this), but Eriksson thought it’d be “comforting” to employ a human-costumed version of the world’s “natural lookouts.”

How much is the young student willing to pay? A whopping rate of up to $40 per hour–which we think is pretty good for just sitting there and doing nothing.

If you don’t want to wear a costume and just “stick a feather or two to your forehead,” Eriksson is only willing to dole out $35. Although bathroom breaks are allowed, food is a no-go except for one muesli bar of which Eriksson says she’d “prefer it if you didn’t face me when you ate the bar as I would find that very off-putting even if i’m already asleep.”

If this sounds like a practical joke, it is. Despite the ad saying it was serious,  Erikkson said in an interview with Gumtree that she “didn’t think anyone would take it seriously.”

You know what they say: there’s an element of truth to every joke. Maybe “Susan” has a closeted owl fetish?

You can look at the ad here.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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