Even Ghosts Like To Hang Out At The Happiest Place On Earth

As much as we love Disneyland, sometimes a trip to Walt Disney’s ingenious creation is more like an episode of the Walking Dead. The zombie walk through the park that we like to attribute to the nation’s many “meanderthals.” That being said, Disneyland truly is a “magic kingdom” that pulls us back again and again; apparently, even ghosts can’t stay away.

While looking for creepy homemade ghost videos, we found this one of the “Disneyland Ghost.” The kings of Pixar couldn’t anticipate how interestingly and subtly creepy this video is. On the one hand, it looks like maybe it could be an accident. On the other hand, the vague shadow of a human body is sort of unmistakable. And there is one point where the “ghost” is on two cameras at once, which means it’s likely not just a reflection or light.

In the many years that Disneyland has been around, there have been some tragic deaths. Could this be the ghostly spectre of one of those? Or just someone from middle America astral projecting themselves to the park so they don’t have to wait in lines or mess with Fast Passes? Maybe one of the ghosts from the Haunted Mansion finally escaped?

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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