Free Tacos and $2 Burritos? JACK FM’s Got You Covered

Did somebody say FREE TACO? You damn straight we did. On Tuesday, October 30th from 2-6pm you can hit up your local Taco Bell establishment and demand one (1) free Doritos Loco Taco and they’ll have to oblige……for free.

And this won’t be like the time you barged into Taco Bell and demanded they make you a Chili Cheese Burrito even though they took it off the menu back in 2005. No, Taco Bell had this “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promotion set up for the World Series this year. If any player for either team stole a base, we all got a free Doritos Loco Taco and wouldn’t you know it……..One of those jerks on the San Francisco Giants stole second base in the 8th inning of game 2 vs the Tigers so now? NOW WE DINE WITH THE GODS…..FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (For more info on this free Doritos Loco Taco thing, click HERE)

In addition to the FREE TACO you can get from Taco Bell, on Halloween (10/31) from 4pm-closing time at Chipotle restaurant locations, if you show up in costume, they’ll give you your choice of burrito, bowl, salad or taco for $2 cash American with all the proceeds (up to a mil) going to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation….some charity thing about something-or-another…who cares? DISCOUNT BURRITOS DUDE!!!! (For more info on Chipotles Boo-rrito promotion, click HERE)

And just to be 100% clear, neither Taco Bell nor Chipotle paid for us even a dime to talk about these specific promotions, we here at JACK FM merely believe in keeping you all abreast of any and all free/discount food situations that may arise.



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