Jersey Dude Rides A Jetski Through Hurricane Sandy

In today’s edition of super dumb or sort of dope, someone in Manasquan, New Jersey decided to jet-ski down an extensively flooded street during Hurricane Sandy and tape the experience on their phone, pausing only to zoom in on a self-rising house, which actually is pretty amazing.

Being courageous and being a moron are often the same damn thing, and we can’t help but both applaud this person for fully taking advantage of this fragile thing called life while also shaking our heads. There has to be some inherent danger to that, right?

Some of the viewers on Youtube agree, like this comment from Valyn66:

“Nice job adding 2 – 2.5 feet of extra storm surge for every house along that street, idiot. Never mind the fact that planing out at 20-30mph on a flooded street with God knows what sorts of debris and power lines lurking under the surface is a Darwin Award waiting to happen.”

“Yeah, I get that the idea of the video is cool. But you guys watching this need to realize just how much of an a**hole the guy driving that thing is being.”

Logic. Wow. Pretty impressive. True. And yet, we are still jealous that wasn’t us being an idiot. We usually win top awards for that.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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