Unknown Palmdale Woman Wins $23 Million Lottery Jackpot, Has Not Claimed It

If you live, or know somebody you lives, in Palmdale or the surrounding areas, go to this link and take a good look at this woman. Look familiar? Well, call her up immediately because you might be getting a finders fee. Your friend/relative/crazy ex-wife is set to be a multimillionaire and she doesn’t even know it yet.

According to the Daily News, a black-haired woman wearing a purple-ish blue blouse purchased a winning lottery ticket worth $23 million dollars at Michael’s Market & Liquor in Palmdale, California on May 30th.

Surveillance video has narrowed it down to the mysterious woman in blue. The store itself, newly opened at the time, got a cut of one half percent of the prize which equals a cool $115,000. About the price of a decent house in the area.

If the dark-haired woman doesn’t pick up her millions by November 26th, all the money will be given to California schools. Which, ummm, considering the state they are in and the proposed tax increase is actually a really good thing, but we digress.

Spread this around and get someone rich today!

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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