Stevie Wonder, an outspoken supporter of President Barack Obama, recently released a pro-Obama theme song, “Keep Moving Forward.”

In an interview with CBS Atlanta affiliate V-103, Wonder discussed some of his reasons for supporting the President. He told the hosts of the R&B station that the “extreme right” shows an intolerance that is no different than that of the Taliban. 

“The extreme right that feels everything they say are right and that God means it to be this way and that this is the way it is, are no different than the Taliban,” Wonder said.

Wonder didn’t only make the extreme comparison to the radical Islamist group, he also offered a list of issues America can improve upon, starting with race relations. 

“This color thing is really a problem. People who are spewing hate, that’s an issue.”

He noted that climate change and environmental protection is the second issue that America needs to take seriously. 

“The way that we are killing our planet, that’s number two,” he said. “I think we really need to have more love for our planet.  Number three: Guns. Clearly we need to deal with the gun laws in this country. We are so quick to say ‘I guess that was God’s will.’ No it was the will of the person who did it. And we just pray that the person who died is in God’s will.” [Listen to the interview here.] 

The final issue he thought was important had to do with romantic choices, presumably the controversy surrounding same-sex marriages.

“It’s like saying, ‘I only want you to have sex this way or at this time.’ The government can’t control that. Most of all, love and let love and live.”

He went on to sing “Keep Moving Forward,” which is a song he dedicated to President Barack Obama and released last week

“Here we are, it’s a brand new day,” he sang, “Four years ago the skys were dark and grey/ Troops coming home we’re ending the war…/ Jobs for all…/ And health care for the middle class/ The common man deserves a chance/ Barack’s the one who will take a stance.” 

E. Parker, CBS Local


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