Sit Fido Sit While I Rob Your Owners House Of All Its Valuables. Good dog.

According to an investigation, you might think that your doggie is a good deterrent against thieves but that Beware of Dog sign might be more vicious than the pup behind the velvet curtain.

Dogs are more likely to be friendly to some random human than actually attack them says a CBS Atlanta experiment. Especially if you haven’t trained your dog to bite off someone’s baby-making parts when they walk through the door.

The CBS station in Atlanta had a man named Jeff Schettler dress up in a protective suit and pretend he was a bad guy.

None of the dogs did anything to scare him away. And they weren’t just some tiny dogs either; the dogs ranged in size and breed from a Papillion mix, a Spaniel, a Terrier, a Rottweiler, and a German Shepard.

The 100-lb German Shepard did a little ankle nipping, but nothing more.

We always said that the best prevention against robbery is a hardcore hoarding habit because who wants to dig through 20-year-old boxes of fried chicken carcasses and troll dolls to find your precious black diamond stash?


–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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