Breaking News: Study Finds Americans Drink A Lot Of Booze

You know that 32oz super-sized soda you’re gulping down has approximately a bazillion calories, right? In fact, sodas and other sweetened drinks account for, on average, about 6 percent of your typical American’s caloric intake, according to

But guess what? A new government study found that alcoholic beverages add up to a whopping 5 percent of the total amount of calories consumed by Americans. In other words, we get nearly as many calories from drinking booze as we do from drinking soda. Does that mean that we, as Americans, drink too much? Here are some more findings from the study:

  • Roughly one-third of men and one-fifth of women consume calories from beer, wine, or liquor.
  • Men average 150 calories from alcohol a day, while women consume about 50 calories.
  • Men prefer beer (duh). Not surprisingly, women had a harder time making up their mind.
  • There was no racial or ethnic difference. But shockingly, the study found that young adults tend to drink more than older people.
  • JACK FM listeners consume up to three thousand times more alcohol than listeners of any other station.

We’re just kidding on that last one. Cheers.

–Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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