Man Gets Car In Ex’s Name, Engages In More Than $100,000 Of Revenge

Next time you start complaining about your crazy ex that still texts you 3am insults ten years after the relationship came to an end, a) look into a restraining order and b) remember the tale of a heartbroken young gentleman in Chicago that allegedly registered a $600 Chevy under his ex’s name and left it in a parking lot for three years to collect $105, 761.80 in fines.

The car, unknowingly registered under 31-year-old single mother Jennifer Fitzgerald’s name, received 678 parking tickets while abandoned in O’Hare Parking Lot E at the airport by her apparently wiley boyfriend Brandon Preveau.

Generally, a car in the condition that the Chevy Monte Carlo was in and with so many tickets on it for over a certain amount of time would have been towed from the lot, but the car stayed in the lot for about two and half years until April 30, 2012.

Fitzgerald is suing, especially since she tried to rectify that car nonsense starting in December 2009 when she received 391 tickets from the Department of Revenue.

Her evil ex-boyfriend would not move the car and she tried to move it herself she could not gain access because the car was in a secure parking lot. Even Chicago area police could not help. A year after that, Fitzgerald was able to get the license plate revoked, but the car still continued to receive parking violations.

Eventually, after going into collection, Fitzgerald was told by a judge to sign over the title to her ex-boyfriend, but the collections agency denied and said Fitzgerald must pay. She hired a pro bono lawyer and is still trying to work out the details reports The Newspaper.

Stories like this make us really grateful for our ex-boyfriend who only forgot to return a Malcom X documentary to Blockbuster after using our account without asking all those years ago.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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