In a story that is simultaneously heartwarming and brings a few salty tears to thee eye, a doggie was saved by most of his family, who then drowned in the midst of the heroic gesture.

Gregory James Kulijian, 16, Howard Gregory Kulijian, 54, and Mary Elena Scott, 57, were all pulled under the ten foot waves at Big Lagoon about 300 miles north of San Francisco trying to save their family pup reports CBS News.

Young Gregory was the first one to jump in to save the dog and when he started struggling Howard and then Mary jumped in after him. Howard and Mary’s bodies were found, but Gregory is still missing but presumed dead because the extremely cold waters could not be survived without a wetsuit. His sister and his girlfriend were watching everything from the beach and a local bystander called the police.

The dog managed to save itself.

Coast Guard Lt. Bernie Garrigan said that this tragedy happened because the beach they were on has “sneaker waves”  with “10-foot wall breaks.”

“It surges up on the beach and surges back really fast,” said Garrigan. “It’s like a cyclical washing machine.”

In a moment of rare seriousness for JACK FM, this family’s devotion to each other is extremely beautiful and inspiring; we give our best wishes for their remaining family.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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