Hipster-ish London Dude Claims Los Angeles Is The Worst Place Ever

People. Get over yourselves. Seriously. Hating is overrated. Just be happy where you are and if you don’t like it, leave. Because we’re tired of reading inane pieces, like the one by this London-transplanted dude from Vice who listed all the stupid reasons he hates Los Angeles.

In fact, he called it “the undisputed worst place in the entire world.”

Really, have you been to a war-torn third world country filled with disease, lack of water, lack of food, and no basic human rights? We have gorgeous oceans, mountainscapes, beautiful weather, and a cool outlook on life.

Sure, the entertainment industry is brutal, but there is way more going on in Los Angeles than THAT.

Anyway, before we get all aggro and defend our fair city, here’s his list.

1) There is danger everywhere. (earthquakes, tsunamis, “drive-bys?!?”)
2) It’s impossible to have a normal night out. (meaning, he can’t drink and drive or be a semi-functioning alcoholic, too bad, so sad.)
3) There is hippie bullshit absolutely everywhere. (oh well, that’s part of what Los Angeles is. Get over it.)
4) There are too many different extreme sports. (What?!?)
5) There are broken dreams everywhere you look. (And there’s not in some podunk little town full of teenage pregnancies and meth labs?)
6) The restaurants are so pretentious it’s like a joke from a really unfunny movie making fun of LA (In a city full of amazing taco stands, that is the dumbest statement ever.)
7) David Spade has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (good for him!)
8) People think improv comedy is funny (OK, this one is valid)
9) Nobody will ever tell you what their job is. (Maybe we shouldn’t qualify people based on their jobs. Even a bank teller can be rad.)

What do you think? Does this guy have a point?

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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