Man Literally Blinded By Vodka Finds Salvation In Whiskey

A man literally goes blind after drinking vodka. What’s the best remedy? Give him whiskey, obviously. Welcome to another edition of stories-we-can’t-believe-are-true-but-love-the-fact-that-they are.

Today’s story is about Denis Duthie, a New Zealand man who has been suffering from diabetes for over 20 years, according to the Huffington Post. Duthie had just taken a swig of vodka while celebrating his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary when the world suddenly went dark.

No, he didn’t just black out (our first thought as well). Unknown to Duthie, he was suffering from a reaction due to mixing vodka with his diabetes medication which literally caused him to go blind.

When it became clear (get it? Clear?) that his vision wasn’t going to return on its own, Duthie was taken to the hospital where he was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit and diagnosed with formaldehyde poisoning due to methanol consumption.

The standard treatment calls for ethanol, the type of alcohol found in, uh, alcoholic beverages, but happy hour was over in the cafeteria and the hospital was bone dry.

So what did the doctors do? They harkened back to their med school days and did a booze run, purchasing some Johnnie Walker from the local liquor store and having Duthie down a whole fifth while doing a handstand!

Okay, they actually dripped the Johnnie Walker via a tube into his stomach, but the visual of chugging Johnnie Walker while in the intensive care until is priceless.

Duthie has since recovered, regaining his vision and a new perspective on life. We’ll leave the moral of this story for another day.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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