We remember it clearly, the moment our journey began. The year was 2006. Samuel L. Jackson had uttered one of the greatest lines in movie history. After hearing him, we knew that from that point forward, our collectives live here at JACK FM would not be complete until we too could say, with complete and total sincerity, “I have had it with these mother f***ing snakes on this mother f***ing plane!”

We’re talking, of course, about Snakes on a Plane and have since yearned to be trapped 30 thousand feet in the air with these limbless reptiles just so we could be as badass as Jackson was. You can imagine our disappointment when we found out the opportunity had passed us by.

Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait had an extra passenger onboard, smuggled on by a Jordanian man. The reptile shop owner, according to CNN, had hidden a cobra inside his carryon bag. The crew was alerted to the snake’s presence after it slithered loose and bit the man on his hand.

No one else was reported to be injured, and the pilot safely made an emergency landing. No word yet on who had the honor of reciting Jackson’s immortal lines, but we imagine it was glorious. Unofficial reports claim that even the cobra was smiling after hearing those words, despite, like all snakes, being deaf. That’s the power of Samuel L.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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