There’s been a lot of excitement around Fleetwood Mac‘s upcoming tour, which kicks off next spring. There may be new songs on the way as well, with Lindsey Buckingham telling CBS Local that the band has worked on some new music. But another Mac-related project that may be coming soon is a reissue of the Buckingham/Nicks LP. 

A primer for those who aren’t well versed in Mac history: Fleetwood Mac existed for nearly a decade before Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the band. And before they joined the band, they recorded the Buckingham/Nicks album as a duo. The album has been out of print for decades, and, in fact, has never been released on CD (much less digitally), although it has been widely bootlegged.

But Buckingham tells CBS Local that, besides discussing Fleetwood Mac’s future, he and Nicks recently discussed reissuing their pre-Mac LP.

“Stevie and I have been hanging out a little bit lately, and we’ve been talking about that,” he says. “I think that’s something that would happen this year as well. Oddly enough, I hate to even say it, I think the 40th anniversary of that is next year. Jeez! Is that possible? So we’ve been talking about it. Of course, we’ve been talking about it off and on for a long time, but Stevie seems really into the idea. So yes, I would say yes.”

Buckingham has just released One Man Show, a solo acoustic album that puts his guitar playing skills center stage, even moreso than Fleetwood Mac’s concerts do. Guitar players are routinely blown away by his skills, but he doesn’t always get the “guitar hero” treatment by the press – which hasn’t escaped Buckingham’s notice.

Rolling Stone had their ‘Top 100 Guitarists’ list, and I made it at number 100, like someone threw me a bone,” he says. “But beyond a certain point, you can’t worry about that. I think there is potentially a little lack of appreciation for what I’m doing. It’s sort of inherently under the radar.”  

His solo career is on the backburner for now, Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac kick off a tour on April 4 in Columbus, Ohio. Fleetwood Mac’s website reports that they will reissue an expanded version of Rumours early next year.

Brian Ives, CBS Local  


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