Cold Season Is Coming. Scientist’s New Solution? Drink A Beer!

We don’t need no stinkin’ study. We’ve been saying this for a couple drunken decades. Beer is good for you.  And that’s what some completely unbiased researchers at Japan’s famous brewery Sapporo say too.

A researcher named Jun Fuchimoto says that drinking beer can help get rid of colds. How? Beer is partially made of hops which contain a chemical called humulone that helps to get rid of viruses like the one that causes the common cold. It also helps with infection. Apparently, it even helps children.

OK, before you start crackin’ some cans with your 2-year-old, here are some basic rules of logic: 1) don’t do that ‘cuz that’s dumb and illegal and 2) you have to drink 30 12-oz cans of beer for humulone to help–kind of like how they say red wine is this amazing antioxidant but it basically helps the most when you drink a whole barrel of it. Same thing with beer.

Thankfully, drinking beer moderately can allegedly reduce heart disease and help with bone density and also you won’t be a raging annoying alcoholic.


–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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