We love you NASA. You are our nerdy, space-loving homies. We don’t know how you survive on dry strawberry ice cream and no hot chicks up in space, but we know you do it for the benefit of all mankind and at least you are heroes when you touch base on earth. That’s got to get you in good with the girls.

But releasing a video where you announce that it’s December 22nd and the world didn’t end days BEFORE the actual day itself is a little, dare we say it, suspicious?

It’s like when someone anticipates you’ll catch them in a lie so they start covering up for it way ahead of time and it makes you suspect of them even before they actually steal the cookies from the cookie jar or sleep with your wife, whatever comes first.

In the video, NASA explains why the world didn’t (won’t) end. We guess some NASA dudes got together on Google chat (they actually say that in the video) and discussed why it’s not gonna happen.

Then they explain that the Ancient Mayans had a complex calendar system and December 21st has the same number as the first day the calendar started and, really, none of this makes us feel any better about the world ending situation.

Watch the video from the future here.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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