Rock ‘n Roll has long been associated with hot girls and even hotter rides. From Elvis’ ’55 Caddy to Jack White‘s ’70 ‘Cuda, an elite list of cars have found their way into music fans’ hearts around the globe. Musicians don’t just drive their cars, they even sing about them. Many pay more attention to their 4-wheeled friends than their girlfriends.

One would think a list like this would be comprised of Italian exotics. Surprisingly, only one high-dollar Italian sports car made the list. #1 on our list may surprise you.

vanishingpoint 125 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll10. Audioslave’s Vanishing Point Dodge Challenger

Chris Cornell, Tom Morello and crew used a 1970 Dodge Challenger to remake famous scenes from the film Vanishing Point for their Show Me How To Live music video. A movie that made the car famous, Dodge released a Kowalski Edition challenger named after the movie’s main character in 2011.

pinkcaddillac Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll9. Elvis Presley’s pink 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood

First sung about in “Baby, Let’s Play House,” Elvis Presley’s pink 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 has become a staple in pop culture.  The original color was blue with a black roof, when Elvis purchased the car new to tour with his band from 55-56.  He let his neighbor Art paint the Caddy with a custom pink color he called “Elvis Rose.”  Once Elvis got tired of it, he gave the car to his mother Gladys, who didn’t have a drivers license.  It now sits on display in Graceland.

hemicuda 125 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll8. Jack White’s 1970 Barracuda

Jack White has the ability to take anything and make it cool. Even when it was pretty frickin cool to begin with. That’s what he did in his music video for “Freedom At 21.”  This 1970 Sublime Green Hemi Cuda was built locally by Vintage Customs L.A., is one of only 652, and does the quarter mile in under 14 seconds.

whitesnakejags 125 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll7. Whitesnake’s twin Black and White 1987 Jaguar XJs

There was a time in the 80’s when all you had to do to get the girl was to have a British accent, sell millions of albums and drive a Jag. It worked for David Coverdale, just ask Tawny Kitaen. His 1987 Jaguar XJS, along with director Marty Callner’s car acted as the dance floor in the “Hear I Go Again” music video. The famous scene wasn’t originally supposed to be in the video. The two parked their cars side by side, cranked up the music and let Tawny dance however she wanted as the filmed.

51mercroth 125 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll6. David Lee Roth’s 1951 Mercury

Do car guys become rock stars to finance their obsession, or do rock stars become car guys, because they have absolutely zero clue what to do with their money? It might be the ladder in David Lee Roth’s case. He spent thousands of dollars and man hours having his 1951 Mercury built for his “California Girls” music video. Originally a four door sedan, Roth had it converted into a two-door convertible. He added a rare front grill of a DeSoto, shaved the door handles, upgraded the engine and transmission with modern parts and made it truly stand out with a bright red paint job, with custom hand done pin-striping. A build like easily set Dave back over $100,000. Good thing he gets those music royalties, because the car sold at auction for only $32,200 in 2006. The car is on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

rhcp catalina 125 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll5. Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Pontiac Catalina

When taking a road trip with a bunch of guys you need the biggest car possible. The Red Hot Chili Peppers understood this in their “Scar Tissue” music video. Anthony, Flea, John and Chad set off for the desert in a beat-to-crap ’67 Pontiac Catalina. This is the perfect road trip car, because it’s big, it’s comfortable and only worth about $900. So when it breaks down, you can leave it on the side of the road.

grandvoyager 125 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll4. Black Keys’ Plymouth Grand Voyager

All great bands have one thing in common: fond memories of their first tour van. The Black Keys loved their 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager so much, they used it for the cover of their album “El Camino.”  The van was later given away in a contest hosted Los Angeles radio station KROQ.

hagarferarri 125 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll3. Sammy Hagar’s Ferrari 512bbi Boxer

Sammy Hagar arguably wrote the greatest driving song of all time, “I Can’t Drive 55.”  He knew he needed arguably one of the greatest cars of all time for the music video. He used his personal 1983 Ferrari 512bbi Boxer. Hagar let his mechanic fishtail the black Ferrari in the opening scene.  Cool shot, but costed Hagar $5800 to replace the clutch his mechanic burnt out. That didn’t slow Sammy down though. He’s a big Ferrari collector and still owns the Boxer to this day.

zombiecaddy 125 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll2. White Zombie’s Cadillac Fleetwood

Rob Zombie is a scary dude. And scary dudes need scary dude cars. Old Cadillac Fleetwoods make for great scary dude cars. That’s just what he used for “Thunder Kiss ’65.”  The thing already looks like a hearse, so why not have a guy dressed the Grim Reaper get picked up by a guy dressed like, well, The Gimp. Add some skulls on the dashboard and a steer’s head on the grill and you’ve got your Halloween cruiser.

blinkbus 125 2 Top 10 Famous Cars Of Rock N Roll1. Blink-182’s VW Bus

Sometimes what you do inside a car is more important then the car itself. And what you usually do inside a old VW is, well, R rated.  Blink-182’s VW Bus from the “First Date” music video made the perfect vehicle to get R rated in. Ex-hippies turned rich guys love their old vans so much, they’ve made the price of these things go through the roof. Some Vdub buses can fetch over $100,000.

— Jay Tilles / AJ Gordon


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