If you were to find $175,000 worth of pot in your Silverlake, Los Angeles hot tub, what would you do with it? The ethical conundrum is easy for most that have no real ethics or morals; sell that goodie good.

Or throw a giant party with your favorite friends (and after this you’ll have way more “favorite” friends) and burn-out stylishly into the cosmos during the so-called Mayan apocalypse.

We’ve been to enough hedonistic backyard parties in Hipsterville to know that’s the kind of green the kids want to see. Christmas has come early!

But for former LA Times reporter Mack Reed, there was no way he was going to endanger his life or his family (ok, so he’s smarter than us) by enjoying or selling the duffel bag full of Ziploc bags of weed and mason jars of drugs.

His initial instinct was to call the cops.

“I can’t have this anywhere near my family, and I need professional advice on what to do when the drugs’ owner returns and finds the stash is gone,” writes Reed on his blog. “I let the bag drop and immediately call 311. The City Hall non-emergency line’s phonebot chirps, “I’m sorry, but due to the high volume of calls at the moment, there will be a delay in answering your call. Please wait on the line, and your call will be answered in the order in which it was received.”

“I’m trying to deliver a massive month-long project with my dev team at work. On deadline. Today.” continues the scared Angeleno. “And some evil bastard has stuffed a bag of dope into a hole behind my house and turned my life into the backdrop of a James Ellroy noir. Any minute now, some neckless mook with steroidal shoulders and a bullet-shattered voicebox will stalk up behind and beat me bloody with his pearl-handled Desert Eagle .45.”

Wait. Is he describing his life or is this just a massive viral blog stunt for Quentin Taratino’s Django Unchained?

Either way, check out the amazing photos at Reed’s blog here.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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