Meet Our JACK’s Toy Drive Mini Winner–Julia From North Hollywood!

Thursday December 19th was no ordinary day, it was an exciting day! Exciting because I was about to go surprise Julia of North Hollywood with keys to a brand new mini cooper from Mini of Universal City.  At least that was the plan anyways!

Dressed as an elf, I walked up to the gate trying to buzz Julia’s apartment when a random neighbor blurted out the code to get in and just like that, I was in.  Yes!  Apparently a cute elf and a camera man is worth letting in!  As I got closer and closer to Julia’s door my excitement was more than I could handle.  I knocked on the door and patiently waited no answer.  So I knocked once more.  Still, no answer.  What was I to do?! I was so eager to deliver the news!

Some of the neighbors had seen me walking around Julia’s complex being followed with a camera and wondered what I was up to.  Not everyday that a Sticker Pimp walks around an apartment complex dressed up as an elf on a mission.

One neighbor told us Julia had moved to a different unit and pointed us in the right direction.  I knocked on the door of the unit and a sweet lady answered the door.  I asked if she was Julia and she said no.  I was stumped.

So I decided to go back to the gate and tried buzzing her apartment.  A gentleman answered and I told him I was looking for Julia in which he replied that I had the wrong number.  I tried once more, again getting the wrong number.

Was I at the right address?  Was I on the right street?

The sweet lady saw me still trying to locate Julia and asked why I was there and what I was doing.  When I explained to her what was going on her eyes lit up and she ran to Julia’s neighbor’s apartment where a phone call was placed trying to lure her home!

After a couple of hours of sitting around and waiting and waiting some more, Julia arrived home.  At this point Julia knew she was a finalist for the Mini Cooper and knew we were in the area wanting to ask her a few questions for a video.  She meet us in the courtyard where we conducted the interview.

I concluded our interview asking her what she would do if I told her she won the Mini Cooper. Too bad Julia, you were this close!

She was bummed but still smiling.  I just couldn’t hold it in any longer when I told her she had won the mini cooper.  She was floored and so excited.  Julia proceeded to tell us that on her vision board of things she wanted to own/experience one day was a Mini Cooper.

Julia, scratch that off your vision board because 93.1 JACK FM and Mini of Universal City hooked you up!  Thanks for donating to Chips for Kids!

–JB, 93.1 JACK FM


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