Need another reason to bring your eye drops to whichever Super Bowl party you’re going to this year? Yes, we know, you’ll need eye drops to ease that red irritation caused by “allergies” *cough cough* before you head home.

But we’ve got another reason you’ll need eye drops: because they’ll be bone dry from not blinking for minutes at a time. What are we talking about, you ask?

Commercials. Because every time you blink, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars’ worth of advertising.

Traditionally the Super Bowl has been one of the single most viewed telecasts in America, with last year’s 111.3 million viewers the most in U.S. TV history, according to the LA Times. So it makes sense that advertisers would want to cash in on the sheer number of dry eyeballs watching the big game.

But for ad execs thinking they found an easy way to get maximum exposure, there is a catch, about 4 million of them. That’s the average cost for a 30 second spot during the game. That’s $133, 333.33… a second (for you math nuts, that’s an irrational number, which makes sense, since that’s an irrational cost), which is about $100 thousand more dollars than what all the JACK FM employees combined make a year.

It’s a new record for advertising, shattering last year’s then record price of $3.5 million, according to the Huffington Post.

So remember, eye drops, because you’ll want to keep your eyes open during those commercial breaks. Besides, we all know the Super Bowl has the best ads ever.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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