It is not recommended that one climbs up a 40-foot Eucalyptus tree. It is also not recommended to chug a bottle of tequila while doing so.

It is not comforting knowing that a man in charge of chopping a monstrous tree down keeps hard liquor in his work belt. There will always be that one token dare devil to do what most are smart enough not to.

On Monday evening, this tree trimmer who remains nameless was dangling 40 feet from the tree in Brentwood. According to NBC, the rest of the trimming crew had already left the property for the day. The residents of the Brentwood property noticed the straggler left behind in their tree an hour after the crew’s departure.

Thirty-two firefighters were called to rescue the man via ladder, into the tree surrounded by mass amounts of brush. The harness worn by the drunken tree trimmer had swiveled from his waist upward under his arms, causing him to hang by his arms. When found, the man contained Camarena Tequila in his work belt and claimed he was tired. Go figure.

Good to know our tax dollars are being used to rescue drunks from trees, thirty-two firefighters strong!

-Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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