No political experience? Check. Campaign team consisting primarily of volunteers, including a top economist? Check. Covered in tattoos from literally head to toe? Check. Official nominee for the first Czech Republic presidential election? Check and mate.

Meet Vladimir Franz, opera composer and painter, and right now, third place in the Czech presidential race, reports the Huffington Post.

Let’s be honest, JACK knows little (read: nothing) about politics. Heck, we don’t know much about running a radio station, much less a country.

But Franz? This guy seems cool. And yes, we’re basing our assessment solely on his tattoos.

He’s clearly a free spirit, obviously has a high tolerance for pain, and is the perfect symbol of freedom; freedom being key since this is the first Czech president that will be elected via the popular vote.

What else do we know about Franz? He has a lot of tattoos. Like even his eyelids are covered in ink. And let’s face it: do you need to know anything more about him other than that?

“But what about his views on pressing Czech issues?” you ask. “What makes him qualified to run a country?”

To that we say, he’s covered in tattoos, and that’s good enough in our book.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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