By Dr. Cranfill

Before we get to this weeks picks, how’d I do last week?

Well, I told you the Texans would cover, and they did.

I told you the Vikings stood next to no chance to beat the Pack, and they didn’t.

I said the Ravens would win, and they did, but the Colts missed the cover.

And I was wrong about the Skins besting the Seahawks but cmon….RGIII was playing on one leg.

So all in all…..pretty mediocre really. Let’s see if I can’t pull one of my patented 4 for 4’s in this divisional round.

ravensbroncs Dr. Cranfills NFL Divisional Playoff Picks!!!!!

Denver Broncos (-10) vs Baltimore Ravens– Sat. Jan.12th- 1:30p on CBS
Full disclosure? I’m a big Ravens fan so I can’t honestly tell you what to do with this game. Every game the Ravens play, could be the last for #52. And in my humble opinion, 52 is the greatest football player in the history of the league. Here’s to the purple and black shocking the world Saturday and sending Peyton Manning home to do more Papa Johns commercials. Ravens over Broncos, 24-21. And here, watch this and it will tell you all you need to know about Ray Lewis.

9erspack Dr. Cranfills NFL Divisional Playoff Picks!!!!!
San Francisco 49ers (-2½) vs Green Bay Packers– Sat. Jan.12th- 5pm on FOX
Imummumma get real specific on this prediction. 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter. 49ers are up 21-17. Green Bay running out of time and opportunity….and then 49ers QB Colin Kapernick is going to make a huge mistake and turn the ball over, to which Green Bay will capitalize on and win this game, 24-21 leaving the talking heads to ramble on about how former starting QB Alex Smith would have never made that mistake. Green Bay over San Fran, 24-12.

birdx2 Dr. Cranfills NFL Divisional Playoff Picks!!!!!
Atlanta Falcons (-2½) vs Seattle Seahawks– Sun. Jan.13th-10am on FOX
Birds versus birds. Since I’m no ornithologist I had to do some research here to find out which bird is superior in the wild. Mixed bag really but I did discover there is no such thing as an actual SEAHAWK per se but the peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet AND here is a video of a peregrine defending its home field against a red-tailed hawk so screw it, i’m taking Atlanta to win here. It’s nature science.

patsntex Dr. Cranfills NFL Divisional Playoff Picks!!!!!
New England Patriots (-9½) vs Houston Texans– Sun. Jan.13th- 1:30 on CBS
The Patriots went all Ike Turner on the Texans when they matched up in Week 14 and honestly, I expect more of the same. 9½ is a lot of points and I won’t be surprised if the Pats end up winning by 10 here. Take the Pats, and the points. Houston just quite simply isn’t ready for the Pats jelly.

Check back in next week and we’ll see how I did. Like you care.


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