So let’s say you have a Facebook account. No big stretch there. Now let’s say Facebook added a new feature *cough timeline cough* that you hate. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. And now, for the sake of argument, let’s say you hate this new feature so much you wish you could personally tell Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg how much you wish he had left well enough alone. Seriously, haven’t we all?

But now for the kicker: what if you were guaranteed that if you emailed Mr. Zuckerberg, your message would reach his personal Facebook inbox? Not his Junk folder, not some other message folder that he probably doesn’t even know about, but the-folder-he-actually-reads-every-morning-and-might-even-respond-to-you-personally inbox? Would that interest you?

There is a catch, however. To be assured your message would reach Zuckerberg’s eyes, you’d have to fork over $100. We don’t know about you, but for your typical JACK FM employee, that’s about a week’s worth of pay. Would you still do it?

That’s exactly what Facebook is trying to find out. It’s all part of a new spam filtering system they’re testing out, reports. With over 16 million followers, Mark Zuckerberg receives his fair share of spam over his social network.

The $100 delivery fee is an “extreme price point” used to filter out spam. Facebook is also testing out the less expensive $1 per message to a person who is not your friend.

So what do you think? Is writing Zuckerberg worth 100 bucks?


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