This morning, we woke up and texted our friend (yes, JACK FM has friends), “I hate everyone who doesn’t know who the Stones Roses are. That’s a reasonable hatred, right?” OK, so that’s no reasonable, but c’mon little seapunk raver children and twee indie-folk beach goths, the Stones Roses are probably one of THE most underrated but influential British pre-Britpop bands out there.

Here’s a link to a timely Tumblr called “Who Are The Stone Roses?”

Some tweets include “Coachella headliners=who the f**k are Blur and Stone Roses?,” “This morning I woke up to find out that there’s this “classic, amazing, and popular UK band” called the Stones Roses…Who? #needsmoredaftpunk,” and our favorite “Anyone who says they love the Stones Roses is a liar. Nobody knows who they are. #coachella.”

Yes, little girl. Some people know who they are.

They inspired better known bands like the Happy Mondays with their lush, rippin’ psych 60s-style guitars and druggy dance beats. Hailing from Manchester like so many other popular British artists, the Stones Roses never really reached more than cult-status success in the United States, but for early ’90s British rock fans they are pretty iconic like the Rolling Stones are iconic to people who like classic blues rock.

No, they’re not the Rolling Stones-huge or Depeche Mode-huge, but the Stones Roses coming back together to play Coachella is a pretty huge deal.

Still don’t think you know who the Stones Roses are? Yes, you do.

You know this song, maybe you just didn’t know you knew this song.


We think.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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