‘World Of Warcraft’ Movie Finally Gets Under Way With Duncan Jones, Son Of David Bowie, Set To Direct

After years of delay, production of the video game film adaptation looks to get under way this year

The year was 1994. Grunge was still the soundtrack of the day, although Britpop would soon dominate the charts. Generation X began to give way to Generation Y as scores of teenagers from the new era were just now starting to leave high school. Meanwhile, video games had matured from the cartoonish antics of plumbers and pizza shaped heroes to fighting games and first person shooters like Street Fighter and Doom.

And in the middle of all this, Blizzard released Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the first installment of one of the most influential and important video game series of all time. It spawned three sequels, Tides of Darkness and Reign of Chaos, and finally, World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft, the role playing high fantasy epic, currently holds the record for the most subscribers for a massively multiplayer online role playing game, or MMORPG, at over 10 million. It launched a whole new way of gaming–a subscription service that allows, via the internet, the player to interact with other gamers inside a virtual world–creating a model that would be copied by nearly every other video game manufacturer and become a core element of the video game experience, regardless of the genre.

So when Legendary Pictures purchased the rights to a movie based on the video game in 2006, fans went bezerk. But simple math tells you that something went wrong, as it’s seven years later and there’s still no film. Writing delays and finding a director contributed to the postponement.

Fast forward to 2013. Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, is starting to make a name for himself as a director with the critically acclaimed films, Moon and Source Code. Then, on January 30th, the Hollywood Reporter confirms that Jones has signed on to direct Warcraft, with filming set to begin this year with a budget of over $100 million.

Legendary pictures is keeping a tight lid on the project. About the only details we do know is that fans will finally see Warcraft on the big screen sometime in 2015.


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