Grandmother Gets Four Speeding Tickets In Three Hours

Life provides clues on how to survive, it just depends how one exercises their conscious in order to fetch these clues and apply them accordingly.

As reported in Huffingtonpost, one lousy driver of a grandma turned the Minnesota roads into her racetrack. Loretta Lacy, 49, reportedly raced across southern Minnesota Friday, to arrive at her granddaughters middle-school dance in Racine Wis. Who would allow their grandmother at their middle school dance? Isn’t that about the age when the bump n’ grindin’ starts? Or is that just our sick minds?

Covering ground with a distance of 525 miles, it is safe to say Lacy did not cover this ground in a safe or timely manner. Complaints were sent to dispatchers of a vehicle speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. A state trooper caught Lacy doing 112 mph on his radar. Whoa grandma! She then recieved a ticket.

Not only was Lacy speeding, but she had no insurance and had possession of marijuana. Come on grandma we all know you like to get wild, getting high off that sticky green substance, then speeding to a middle school dance to let off some steam eh? Eh?

Regardless of her purpose, Loretta Lacy REALLY wanted to get to that dance, fast. Which brings us to her second ticket, that fortunate gal. She was then pulled over a second time 20 miles later for doing 99 mph. Her third ticket came a measley hour later for doing 88 mph. Still didn’t learn your lesson eh Loretta? Nope.

As you can guess, a fourth ticket came across her path shortly after for doing 88mph once again. Might as well have gotten a DUI for all the fines she will be paying!

It is reported that grandma Lacy didn’t make it in time for her granddaughter’s dance. Could have bet on that one.

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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