To anyone who’s ever had their hopes trampled by the foot of fate,  you are not alone in this cold harsh world.

Lotto tickets seem to be the fantasy of many in need of funds. But there is always some slime ball sales catch that reveals itself, such as the large quantity of taxes taken out of the grand prize value. According to CBS Local, Nick Zoegas, 79, purchased a Texas Hold ‘Em scratch ticket eight years ago and won a lucky seat at a virtual poker game. This would result in a grand prize of $10 million.

At the time Zoegas and his wife found out they won, they rejoiced, and the Commission told him it would happen in one year. As years went by, Zoegas contacted The Director of the Massachusetts Lottery Commission, Paul Sternberg to find out the cause for delay. Sternberg claimed the game was expected to sell more rapidly back when it was designed. The virtual poker game requires 560 winners to be seated. The current amount of winners is 509, which explains what screwed Zoegas and many others over.

If you felt a sigh of relief that Zoegas at least lived this long to receive his potential life’s fortune, then you will feel bad all over again when you read the next sentence. Lottery records show four winners had died during their wait for this same grand prize. Sternberg promised Zoegas and hundreds of other winners that they will receive their chance at the millions.

Jack FM doesn’t want you waiting in vain for your millions. We advise not choosing Texas Hold Em’ when selecting a lotto scratcher.

-Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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