Getting struck by lightning. Dying in a plane crash. Becoming a Jack FM DJ. What do these things have in common? There’s about a zillion to one chance any of these most unfortunate things will happen to you.

And while no one would ever want to be on that list of unlucky people, there is one thing that is just as, if not more, unlikely that people dream about all the time: winning the lottery.

Everyone has imagined it. You walk into the store, buy a ticket, and BAM! one dollar later you’re on easy street. Sounds nice, right?

Unfortunately the chances of that happening are about a gazillion to one (FYI, 1 gazillion = 1 zillion x 1 jillion), or, in layman’s terms, it not gonna happen.

Unless, of course, you’re Stephen and Terri Weaver of Stuttgart, Arkansas. They walked into a T-Ricks convenience store this weekend, purchased some scratchers and walked out $1 million richer.

Heartwarming, right? But it’s what happened next that will really blow you away. After they won, the lucky couple bought six more tickets the next day “just for the heck of it, because it was fun,” Terri told They won $50 thousand more dollars.

Let that sink in.

1 million on Saturday, 50 thousand on Sunday. They won the lottery twice in one weekend.

The odds of that happening? Let’s see, 1 gazillion x 1 gazillion = 1 Lady GAGAzillion to one, minus the egg incubator and meat dress.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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