Texas Woman Sues LA Fitness Over Crude Exercises

Hurting for money? You could try getting a refund for your gym membership due to “sexual harassment” claims.

According to Yahoo News, Dallas woman Jamie Johnson filed a lawsuit against Fitness International LLC, also known as LA fitness. A personal trainer reportedly harassed Johnson during personal training lessons.

It is reported that the trainer had Johnson perform work-outs to initiate motion in her bosom region, and made inappropriate comments to her during so. These comments included the trainer telling Johnson he could tell when she had a good work out because her “nipples would get hard” according to the court filing. She also reportedly recieved a text message the morning after from the trainer asking if she “suffers from hard nipple syndrome.” The trauma of this event resulted in Johnson getting psychological counseling.

She then returned to the same gym in Plano, and requested a different trainer. Why even go back to the same gym? Eery vibes man. While with her new trainer, Johnson was asked to do the same exercise that was requested in sexual terms by the previous trainer. She refused to do this particular move due to discomfort.

Johnson made gym administrators aware of the trainer’s behavior, and asked for a refund of her membership and personal training sessions, while she was at it. Not only that, she asked for child care expenses totaling around $2,800. Upon this request the gym responded with an 800-number for their corporate line.

Well that’s a slap in the face.

-Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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