It’s National Girl Scout Cookie Day Mmmmm Cookie

Today is National Girl Scout Cookie Day and in honor of our gluttonous state as a nation, Girl Scouts everywhere are celebrating by selling cookies to shove down our hungry, hungry  gullets. In New York, they got a Girl Scout Cookie Truck.

In Los Angeles, we got…pretty much nothing. Just these handful of girl-themed songs to keep us company while we dream of the day Girl Scouts line-up outside the dumpy little building with little red wagons full of cookies and milk. Wake up JACK FM. You’re dreaming again.

“About A Girl”-Nirvana

Dear Girl Scout cookie pushers, we do stand in your line every year, we do hope you have the time to load up our ENTIRE trunk with Thin Mints, and we never, ever forget our date with you. Girl Scout Cookie Season 2014? Already on the calendar.

“Waiting For A Girl Like You”-Foreigner

We’ve been waiting for a girl like you…to come to our doors WITH ARMFULS OF COOKIES.

“Angie”-The Rolling Stones

This song takes its name from Keith Richards’ daughter. It has nothing to do with Girl Scouts or Girl Scout cookies, but maybe if they were selling Girl Scout cookies at the time, Angie would have sold some? We’re reaching here.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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