Look up in the sky, it’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s aliens!

Jack FM would like to go ahead and introduce you to your new neighbors via this article. There’s earthlings, and then there’s Jacklings, but now we’ve got a third party in our galaxy and we must show it who is boss.

Though it’s been doubted and denied for years, aliens could be inhabiting a planet like our very own, due to new discoveries in our solar system. On Feb 7th astronomers announced that NASA’s Kepler space telescope identified exoplanet candidates circling red dwarfs (stars smaller and dimmer, in other words, far inferior to our own.) As reported by, NASA found 461 potential alien planets. Four of these are slightly larger than Earth, and capable of supporting life, also known as “super-Earths.”

The planets are detected as Kepler measures the temporary brightness dips caused when planets pass in front of it or transit their stars’ faces from the instrument’s view. These extra terrestrial flooded planets continue to reveal themselves as Earth sized and orbit within the stars.

Does this prove alien life you might start to be anxiously asking your inner conscience. What will this mean for your well being you might be asking yourself? We simply…do not know the life altering measures you may go through if and when abducted by aliens. What we DO know is that their planets orbit within their star’s “Goldilocks zone”, that contains liquid water, and possibly contains existent life.

This unknown planet should be a gentleman and deliver Jack FM some girl scout cookies, like a friendly neighbor would.

We come in peace.

-Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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