Man Gets Meth-Stuffed Teddy Bear As Valentine Gift

Well meth isn’t first on everyone’s valentine list, but we guess it can be arranged if that’s really what you want Brenda. It appears someone had some “romantic” ideas in mind for his valentine Lawrence Ligocki of Chelsea, Mass.

Ligocki, 62, received a package in the mail that is by no means appropriate for any holiday, let alone, ever. The contents of Ligocki’s package included heart shaped boxes of chocolate, and a teddy bear stuffed with three bags of crystal meth at a value of $10,000, according to Huffington Post.

Postal inspectors notified police directly after finding a suspicious package sent to Ligocki, which drug sniffing canines detected drugs inside of. The package was delivered by a postal inspector disguised as a mail man. Ligocki originally said he was expecting the package, then changed his story when handed a search warrant from the official. Not only was Ligocki expecting the package, but another jar of meth was found when his home was searched. So you do fancy meth after all?

Ligocki was arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession. He was freed on $150 bail after pleading not guilty. What a loving Valentine’s day.

Krista Blore, 93.1 Jack FM


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