Best of NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Since NBA All-Star Weekend is THIS weekend in Houston I thought, “aw what the hell, a best of NBA Slam Dunk Contest website post might be a good idea.” So here it is. Some of MY favorite Slam Dunk Contest Moments. This years Slam Dunk Contest is on for Saturday evening, at 5pm on TNT.

1991- Dee Brown Pumps Up His Reeboks

Sure it wasn’t the most athletic dunk but I had a pair of Reebok pumps in ’91 and with this dunk, Dee Brown legitimized my youthful obsession with sneakers. Somewhere Macklemore sheds a tear.


2004- Jason Richardson Goes Completely Bananas Doing Dunks Neo From the Matrix Couldn’t Do

Jason Richardson won the Slam Dunk title in back-to-back years in 2002 and 2003. Watching that, it’s not hard to understand why.


2000- Vince Carter Is Not Human

Speaking of Vince Carter. Wow. Just wow. Hands down, greatest dunker in NBA history.


2006- Nate Washington Jumps Over Spud Webb

Nate Washington winning one for the little guys, while paying homage to maybe the best little guy in NBA history.


1986- Spud Webb Doing His Mighty Mouse Impression

I still say Mugsey Bogues was the greatest little man in NBA history but Spud Webb comes in a close second after this display. Dwight Howard a distant third.


1987- Michael Jordan From the Free Throw Line

You knew this had to be in here. Kids these days seriously think LeBron and Kobe are the greatest ever. Kids are stupid. This is the dunk that gave birth to the Jordan Nike empire.


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