Have you ever seen a woman simmering in silent, serial killer anger after she asked you how she looked and you said “fine?”

If you’ve ever been iced out by a woman and subsequently terrified while she brandished a knife while prepping dinner, you might feel for 36-year-old Rahmell Pettway from New York.

According to the New York Post, the man faked his own kidnapping, implementing details like filing a false report and duct taping himself up in the streets around 1am.

Only caveat? The duct tape roll was still found attached to his wrists.

While the man had bruises on his body and claimed he was dumped by two men in a blue mini-van, later on he confessed to making up the story in order to gain sympathy from his little lady after the criminal with robbery and assault charges on his wrap sheet disappeared for a few weeks up to no good.

Because he made up the story, Pettaway was arrested.

“He did that just so he wouldn’t get caught by his girl? The lengths people will go not to tell the truth,” said one neighbor.

“That’s something very sick,” said another neighbor. “Just be a man and face the consequence.”

Have these people never seen a woman scorned? Waking up to Bubba in the Pen might be easier to deal with than waking up next to Big Bessie beastin’ out because we forgot to text her for the 17th time in a row.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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