Let’s say you’re a horse, one that didn’t star in Sex and the City. You were a racehorse, earning your owners tons of money, somewhere in the ballpark of $300,000. But now at 10 years old, your knees are shot and you’ve long retired.

What are your options now? Easy riding? Not really an option; bad knees, remember? The slaughterhouse? A real possibility, one that happens to many horses that can’t make the transition from racehorse to riding horse. Painting?

Now there’s an idea that occurs to NO ONE except to a guy named Ron Krajewski. Metro, a bay gelding, had fallen from the top of his game to a horse that raced for small purses at Penn National, according to the Washington Post. Metro caught the attention of Krajewski, who decided to adopt the horse.

But Metro, due to age and those bad knees, couldn’t do much of anything. But he constantly bobbed his head around, which gave Krajewski the idea of putting a paint brush in his mouth and sticking him in front of a canvas.

The result is artwork that is not complete horse s**t. On the contrary, Metro has developed an abstract style that we think resembles hay (seriously, what else is a horse going to paint?). In fact, Metro’s work is in such demand that paintings can sell up to $350 a piece.

Originally that money went to Metro’s costly medical expenses, but business has become so good that Krajewski has donated $2,600 to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, an organization that helps horses find news homes after their racing career is over.

Are you interested in a genuine equine painting? Check out PaintedByMetro.com for more info. Still not convinced, Wilbur? Just take a the video below.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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