L.A. Low On The List Of America’s Best Pizza, We Beg To Differ

Los Angeles. Our vegan-loving mountaineers and paleo surfbums aren’t really the sort of people that often tear into a good slice, but there’s nothing better than drinking beer and eating crappy pizza post-partying or whilst roller-blading down the Venice Boardwalk in all our retro irony.

While we might not be the beacon for awesome pizza, we’re sort of offended Travel & Leisure voted Los Angeles–one of the biggest cities in the United States–as number 18 on a list of America’s best pizza.

It seems like they are straight trollin’, like they knew Angelenos would stop stuffing its face with raw cashew cheese burgers and wave around our doughy gluten-free pies ferociously.

You see, we have gourmet pizza à la Pizzeria Mozza, rock ‘n roll pizza like Two Boots, old-school pizza like Stella Rosa, and crazy-face deepdish pizza like Masa. Sure, our taste in pizza is more Top Chef worthy than epic $2 slice, but we are fair competition.


Here’s one through five of the list :

1. Chicago
2. Providence, RI
3. New York City (not number one?!?)
4. Philadelphia
5. Boston

Houston is better than us? San Diego is better than us? Does this person actually eat pizza? Pizza lovers everywhere are offended.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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