What Are You Doing With Your Tax Refund? The Moonglight Bunny Ranch Wants You To Spend It On Their ‘Stimulus Program’

If you are like millions of Americans that wait until the last minute to do their taxes and then therefore wait forever to get their measly refunds back, you might wanna hurry it up this year.

There are important things to purchase like pointless boats that sit in your driveway rotting for years or a psychic medium to scare the ghosts out of your house i.e. waste your hardly-earned money on a plane ticket to Bali.

Or, as the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada suggests, you could spend that money on their “stimulus program.”

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hoff told the Huffington Post that for whomever brings their tax refund checks to his completely legal (in Nevada) establishment, he will double-down on their return–as long as they are willing to convert that money into “bunny bucks.”

“I’m just trying to give back,” Hof said. “America is so messed up, I’m trying to stimulate the economy a little bit, and these guys need stimulation too.”

“People would say to me, I worked all my life and now the government’s getting me laid,” Hoff said. “So I thought, well you know what, if they’re looking for something to do with their tax refund checks, why not come here? We’ll leave the red light on for you.”

JACK FM would rather spend all their tax refund money on the bunny shaped Peeps so we can experiment on our forthcoming Peep-inspired cookbook. Spaghetti and meat Peeps? Get in my belly.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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