Depression Leads To More Zombie Conspiracy Theories

People seem to love zombies these days. We love the idea of zombies eating our brains, ransacking our towns,  making us go through our Twinkie stash prematurely.

And mostly, we love the idea that somehow the government is hiding the real-life rise of zombies all around us. Soon, none of us will be safe.

So, why are we so obsessed with the walking dead? Because were totally depressed i.e. “dead inside” claims Clemson University English professor Sarah Lauro who has spent a lot of her time studying “zombie culture.”

Lauro thinks that “we are more interested in the zombie at times when as a culture we feel disempowered” says in an interview with Huffington Post.

“And the facts are there that, when we are experiencing economic crises, the vast population is feeling disempowered,” Lauro goes on to say. “Either playing dead themselves … or watching a show like `Walking Dead’ provides a great variety of outlets for people.”

“To me, it’s such an obvious allegory. We feel like, in one way, we’re dead.” Are we too dead inside or is that metaphor a little cliche?

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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