Women Wake Up On ‘Wrong Side Of Bed’ More Than Men

Ever woken up next to your usually lovely, or at least not monstrous, wife and feared for your life instead of asking for some early mornin’ loving? Well, you’re not alone.

A Duke University survey says that women are predisposed to be grumpier than men when they get up in the morning.

This happens for several reasons, but the biggest is that biologically women need way more sleep than men to function. (Women, cite this article next time your hubby doesn’t want to wake up and feed the baby.)

It might be because woman are going through more physically taxing activities throughout the day like running after kids or dealing with their stupid hormones, but one things for certain: lack of sleep for women can lead to problems like heart disease and depression.

Michael Brues, a sleep psychologist and writer of “The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan” says that women are just, dare we say it, meaner when they don’t get X amount of sleep.

“Not only are you emotionally affected but you’re also physiologically affected,” said Breus. “What we found is women who didn’t get enough sleep had an increase in a clotting factor which leads to stroke. We also note that there are certain inflammation markers that are higher in women. Inflammation leads to pain, so women could be in more pain than men.”

What does this mean? Women are going through a lot, dudes. Cut them some slack and worship them like the goddesses they are. It won’t scare the 6am beast away, but it will sure help.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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