Top 10 Rock Songs For Pole Dancing

Creepers gonna creep, that’s why we guarantee there will be some bonafide creepers hanging around the Los Angeles Convention Center today and tomorrow for the 2013 Pacific Pole Championships.

Over 15o leggy ladies will be competing in four different skill tiers and three age groups ranging from college, milf, and cougar. Just like your Redtube history.

While pole dancing is definitely a sexy skill, those competing are actually hardcore athletes and there will be no nudity or dollar bills involved. Just strong sassy ladies working the steel. Again, just like your Redtube history.

In honor of these daring dames, we’ve put together a list of some super popular striptease songs, or at least these are the songs we hear in constant rotation at Cheetah’s.

“Pour Some Sugar On Me”-Def Leppard

If you don’t hear this song at least once at a strip club, you’re hanging with the wrong crowd. Or, you’re at a Denny’s and, dude, sober up. Not the same thing.

“#1 Crush”

Dripping with sex appeal, we’d love to be Shirley Manson’s #1 crush. Or we’d be fine farther down the line. At like #31. We’re cool with that.

“Sweet Dreams”-Marilyn Manson

This Eurythmics cover got Marilyn Manson’s weird, sexy, edgy goth touch that makes us always go for the girl with smeared black eyeliner and torn fishnets.

“Walk This Way”Aerosmith

Insert just about any Aerosmith song here, but this one seems to be especially popular with pole dancers.

“Closer”- NIN

If you don’t understand why this song is an awesome pole dancing song, we’re revoking your copulation card.

“Night Prowler”AC/DC

A creature creeping and crawling through the night and into your bed? How much does that cost?

“Icky Thump”-White Stripes

Pole dancing isn’t only about how sexy the song is; a lot of it has to do with the beat. This song has the perfect slow pelvic-throbbing beat combined with sped up moments where you can do your fancy tricks.

“Stripped”-Depeche Mode

This sultry slower jam starts with a little sonic foreplay before Dave Gahan invites us into some fantastical land where he watches us strip. It’s kind of hard to say no to that.

“Hot Girls“-INXS

The medium-paced sashay of this song along with the grungy breakdown and the lyrics is perfect for a little teasing.

“Come Undone”-Duran Duran

This one goes out to the sad sexy girl in the corner, demurely walking on stage, before she turns that pole into the ex-boyfriend who shunned her and the father figure who never called her on her birthday.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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