Think Your Dog Looks Sad? Study Says You’re Probably Right.

Dog shaming might not just be a torturous but hilarious human trend. In fact, that looks of shame that you think you see on your dog’s face. You’re probably reading it completely right says a study. Your dog does feel embarrassed for being a bad boy, naughty dog.

Thanks to an innate and natural empathy with man’s best friend, scientists say that, just like dogs, humans can easily read dog emotion.

When volunteers were shown a plethora of images of dogs, they all knew the animal’s emotions.

“There is no doubt that humans have the ability to recognize emotional states in other humans and accurately read other humans’ facial expressions,” said Dr. Tina Bloom, research psychologist lead. “We have shown humans are also able to accurately – if not perfectly – identify at least one dog’s facial expressions.”

Beverley Cuddy of Dogs Today magazine is “not at all surprised” because “dog and owner communicate perfectly well without words.”

Honestly, we might not be able to tell all of our pooch’s emotions, but the one we know best–“greedy hunger.”

“If you got a bone in your hand, drop it like it’s hot. Drop it’s like it hot. Drop it like it’s hot. If you don’t want your bacon, drop it like it’s hot. Drop it like it’s hot. Drop it like it’s hot. Into my mouth. Into my mouth. Into my mouth.”

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles

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