NCAA Basketball Teams as ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters

Once again, March brings with it the exciting return of a reason to watch TV. We’re talking, of course, about the bloody madness that is the rivalry for the crown. The big show, baby, pitting noble institutions against one another–wait, is this the March Madness article or the Game of Thrones article?

Screw it, here are both.

Your favorite characters as your most hated schools:

Miami – Bronn

He even looks a little like Sebastian the Ibis

We look at it like this: if Bronn played college basketball, he’d be at Miami. He just would.

He likes f***ing. And drinking. And singing. But killing, killing is the thing he loves. In this way, he’s just like 3/4 of the major scholarship athletes currently enrolled at the U. Only smaller. And quicker.

Duke – Joffrey Baratheon

Everybody’s waiting for both to die.

Too easy.

Sense of entitlement? Check? Unlimited influence and power? Check. Guy forces prostitutes to beat up on each other instead of getting a rub & tug on his nameday? Check. Maybe if the Dukies ordered a couple of hookers, they’d actually intend to share a few happy endings, but since we don’t like Duke and this whole article is mostly biased, we keep our suspicions.



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